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God will judge my Michaela's killers -- father

THE father of murdered Michaela McAreavey fears his daughter will not get justice through the courts but believes she will from God.

Tyrone football manager Mickey Harte has said that Michaela's brutal murder on the holiday island of Mauritius still breaks his heart every day. and the two months since two hotel workers were cleared of her killing have "not been easy".

He has now resigned himself to the fact that justice may not come through the courts but from God.

"Obviously it's not been easy but it's about having the grace from God to put your trust in God and say ultimately that's where justice will come," he said. "If it comes on Earth, well and good, to date it doesn't seem to be the case."

Her grieving husband John says he longs for justice but "only time will tell". He says he still has a relationship with his dead wife.

"It's not how I wanted it to be but I will take whatever I can get. I've heard this notion of 'moving on' and I don't really know what you are moving on from.

"I don't really understand that term. You just have to pick yourself up and realise the way it used to be.

"It used to be wonderful and maybe some day it might be again. You never know."


Both Mickey and John were in Belfast's Casement Park as they announced details of a special football event in November to raise funds for the Michaela foundation, which was established in memory of the young bride last year.

The Tyrone football manager said he was not letting feelings of frustration "consume" him.

"There may be something that will happen in the future that will give us the human justice but ultimately God's the only one that matters.