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GOAL's work in the Horn of Africa:

GOAL emergency response teams are providing aid to refugees streaming across the border from Somalia into Ethiopia and Kenya.

GOAL has so far provided clean water to 140,000 people, and over 90 metric tons of food to malnourished Somali refugee women and children in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

GOAL has been responding to the crisis in the Somali region since January 2011, and has treated 13,500 children for malnutrition.

GOAL is now operational in 20 locations across six regions of Ethiopia, supplying clean water, food aid and nutritional treatment for malnourished children.

GOAL has treated 33,500 children suffering from malnutrition as a result, while 47 million litres of water has been distributed to around 500,000 beneficiaries.

GOAL is also dispensing large amounts of aid at the Dadaab refugee camps, on Kenya's border with Somalia.