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Glamorous double life for hockey coach and top model Sinead Duffy


Sinead Duffy   pictured  when  The Gold Fever Jet Set touched down at Weston Airport

Sinead Duffy pictured when The Gold Fever Jet Set touched down at Weston Airport

Sinead Duffy pictured when The Gold Fever Jet Set touched down at Weston Airport

Talk about living a double life.

When you think of 'jolly hockey sticks' PE teachers, glamour models like Sinead Duffy don't often spring to mind.

But the Dubliner loves spending her weekends screaming "sticks down" from the sidelines.

Sinead (26) divides her time between coaching the hockey team at St Gerard's secondary school in Bray and posing for glamorous photoshoots.

"I help out with PE classes in the junior school and I train the senior hockey team, so people are always saying to me that I have a mad double life," she said.

The hockey pitch has also been good for her love life, as that's where she met her current beau.

"It's very new so I don't want to say too much about it, but he's lovely, he's a real gentleman," she told the Diary.

"I've had a few tumultuous relationships, but this is going really well so far.

"He's a coach as well and we met when our teams were playing a match against each other - luckily my team won on the day," she added.

The Killiney native is on the books at Andrea Roche's model agency and has just qualified as a secondary school teacher.

While she's not ready to hang up her heels just yet, Sinead is glad she has a career to fall back on.

"I studied international arts and French in UCD and I just finished my teaching diploma, so I'm a qualified English and French secondary school teacher," she said.

"I'm making the most of modelling for the next year or two and then I'll settle into a teaching job because you can't model forever.

"I enjoy modelling and my looks are only going to last for so long. I'll be looking old and haggard soon enough so I'm going to make the most of it. But I'm so glad I kept up my studies so I have something else to fall back on."

While she keeps trim by hitting the gym and playing hockey herself, Sinead said she occasionally likes to indulge as well.

"I'm not a vegan or anything, my motto is to have everything in moderation and keep active," she said.

"I broke my wrist a year ago so I'm only back playing hockey recently and I love it.

"But I still love my nights out and I make the most of my Saturday nights out on the town because I'm so busy during the week."

Sinead was speaking at the launch The Gold Fever Hair Extensions Miss Universe Ireland Competition, which will be held in November.