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Giro cyclists in for a SMOOTH ride – unlike the rest of us who dodge death, says Ryan

AS professional cyclists with the Giro D' Italia ride into town, regular bike users here have said it is like cycling through New Delhi.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan regularly cycles around the city but said at times it is lethal.

"The junction of Leeson Street and St Stephen's Green, as you come down from Leeson Street, it's like India," he said.

"It's like New Dehli, every man and woman for themselves, there are no lanes and cyclists are just squeezing through."

Mr Ryan was part of a group that went on a 3km cycle through Dublin yesterday to identify blackspots for cyclists.

He said that Westmoreland Street with its three and four lanes was "madness".

Aside from the dangerous conditions on St Stephen's Green – where cyclists are the "most vulnerable," – the group identified the Memorial Bridge junction at the IFSC as treacherous.

"It's a mad junction," Mr Ryan said.

The heavily trafficked junction is a popular cycle route for commuters coming from the north-side of Dublin.

He admitted that there were cycle lanes there but they are more like pedestrian ones with people having to get off and back on their bike to cross at various stages.

As cycling fever takes over the country – and not just for Giro Italia – Dublinbikes will triple number of its bikes available from 500 to 1,500 for the summer.

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Oisin Quinn, said the new bikes will be accompanied by 58 new stations and that "more expansion phases are planned."


"The number commuting to work by bike has increased to its highest since the Council started keeping records," he said.

Nearly 10,000 people cycle into the city every day – accounting for 9pc of traffic.

While Mr Ryan described cycling through Dublin as a "nightmare," Mr Quinn said that a new plan is coming in to to make easier for cyclists in the capital.

"We are committing resources to dedicated cycleways – which are a safe, convenient way for commuters and recreational cyclists to travel," the Lord Mayor said.

As it is now Dublin is not a safe place to travel by bike in, says Mr Ryan but it has the potential to be "one of the best cycling cities in the world".