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Girls mob theatre to try on Cinderella's slippers


Tia Duffy

Tia Duffy




Tia Duffy

who will the slipper fit?

Cinderellas hopefuls turned out in their droves to audition for a chance to play the fairytale star in this year's panto.

The auditions were held at Dublin's Tivoli Theatre on Francis Street, with models and wannabe musical theatre stars showing up yesterday to audition.

Swords beauty Tia Duffy (25), who models for Assets, has spent the last year trying to make it in New York but would love the chance to perform on the panto stage in Dublin.

"I trained at the Gaiety and I've been living in New York for the past year working as a model. Playing Cinderella would be such an amazing opportunity; it would be such a fun job."


Evelyn Shaw (25) from Naas has been busy acting since finishing college, but would love the change involved in panto.

"I've been in an ad for Aldi and I'm going to be in a play in Cyprus for the next month, but I would love the fun of panto and to play Cinderella of course."

Amy Walsh (22) from Artane would love to be cast as the one-slippered heroine.

"I'm studying musical theatre in London at the moment but it would be brilliant to be cast in the panto, so that my family could come and see me perform. To get to wear the dress and the sparkly shoes and be Cinderella for a few weeks would be a dream come true."

Top model Karena Graham also showed up to audition for the lead role and was supported by best pal Michelle McGrath who has starred in the panto for the last four years.

"I'm really nervous but I'm trying not to over think it. I only found out about the audition last week so luckily I haven't had too long to worry about it."

The auditions were open to girls 17 years or over who are able to sing, dance and act, and entertain children. They had to have two songs prepared and would also have to act out a part of the script.

Co-producer Alan Hughes, who also plays Sammy Sausages, said: "We had more than 50 girls queued up to audition this morning and we're expecting more throughout the day. It's so great to see lots of fresh faces; we're really hoping to find an unknown star."

Karl Broderick, who is also a co-producer, was also very impressed with the turn-out. "They all look like Cinderella, we only need one girl but I imagine it's going to be very hard for us to choose who's going to play the lead in this year's panto."

Cinderella will run from December 10 and until January 11, 2015, at the Tivoli Theatre, Dublin.