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'Girls don't need to be naked to sing'

Singer and former Voice of Ireland judge Sharon Corr has hit out at female singers wearing little or no clothes on stage.

Speaking about her new album on the Ryan Tubridy Show on 2fm, the Louth native explained her frustrations.

"I see so many overtly sexualised images these days and I wonder why women have to be naked in order to sing a song.

"My new record is a female album, I feel very strongly about representing women in a way that's not negative; that tries to progress the female cause forwards rather than backwards."

The former Corrs singer is currently promoting her solo album The Same Sun, and spoke about how the songs on her new record promote female sexuality.

"Women are extremely stereo-typed, my songs are not about being unfaithful, it's about expressing the normal things that we feel and we think.

"Women are not shy and retiring about wanting our husbands or our partners or whoever it is. I don't feel that way, it's just that I hate the stereo-typing, women are so much more liberated than that."


The mum of two also spoke openly about her battle with anxiety following the birth of her two children.

"We came off the road in 2005 and I had two babies back-to -back and I was sleep deprived. I started to become a bit anxious. When other people tell me they've been through that, it makes me feel a lot better.

"I would find myself in very bizarre situations where I'd be getting my hair done and I'd start to panic, and I'd be terrified," she said.

"It happened in the silliest situations, I was super tired and super stressed and a terrible worrier and I'm not now.

"I glad I'm out the other side of it, I had to look after myself, make sure I was getting enough sleep, not drinking too much alcohol because that'll put me over the edge. I have to be good and kind to myself in order to not go back there."

With two young children - her son Cathal is eight and her daughter Flori is seven - Sharon admits it can be difficult to juggle her young family with her music career.

"I love my kids so much, they are the most important thing to me but I can't live without my music.

"I have this constant tug of war between them both, I try to balance it all and I have a very supportive husband.

"I want to show them what women can do in life and how you can succeed when you take life by the horns."

What with being so busy, the 44-year-old likes to let her hair down at home.

"I never wear make up or heels when I'm at home. I love cooking, it's a quick fix, you create something and you get immediate gratification."