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Girl 'willing' -- rape accused

A MAN, who has pleaded not guilty to raping his son's girlfriend admitted to gardai it was a "sick" situation.

The 45-year-old man told gardai in an interview that he had sex with the girl after offering her a lift home but claims she "came onto" him and denies raping her.

The jury spent a second day watching a video recording of the accused's interview, in which he said he "could not get his head around" why she would accuse him of rape.

The trial continues before Mr Justice George Birmingham and a jury.

Sentence held for chase youth

A YOUTH found guilty of dangerous driving after he led Garda on a high speed chase in Dublin which ended when he crashed into a parked taxi, has had his sentencing adjourned.

At the Dublin Children's Court yesterday, Judge Clare Leonard adjourned the matter until an updated probation report is obtained in May.

The boy is already serving a sentence for a drugs offence and is due to be released in April.

Spector was 'tried unfairly'

Lawyers for legendary music producer Phil Spector asked a US court to throw out his second-degree murder conviction on grounds of judicial error and prosecutorial misconduct.

In a 148-page brief, the attorneys cited multiple reasons why they believe the 70-year-old was denied a fair trial. Among those reasons was the admission of testimony from five women who said they were threatened by Spector with guns in the past and the prosecution's use of a videotape of the trial judge commenting on evidence.

Spector is serving 19 years to life in prison for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.