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Girl shop-lifter avoids sentence

A girl who went missing from HSE care more than 30 times has been spared a custodial sentence for criminal damage and shoplifting offences.

The teenager (17) had been remanded in custody last week by the Dublin Children's Court where she pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a door, at a residential children's care home in north Dublin, on May 30 last, and a shoplifting offence last month.

Judge Leonard finalised the case by binding the teenage girl to the peace for six months.

Flyer admitted air bomb hoax

A man who admitted making a bomb hoax on a passenger airliner which caused the flight to be diverted under fighter jet escort will be sentenced today.

Two RAF Typhoon jets were scrambled after James Glen (38) told a flight attendant a fellow passenger had a gun and had threatened to blow himself up, a court heard. Glen will appear before Chelmsford Crown Court for sentencing.