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Girl in Slane 'sex pics' probe is out of hospital

THE 17-year-old girl at the centre of an internet bullying storm after images of her performing a sex act went viral online has been released from hospital.

The schoolgirl and her family have not returned to her home in the west of Ireland.

The teen has yet to be formally interviewed by detectives but is expected to make a statement before the end of the week.

A senior source said: "Gardai will sit down with her and hopefully get as detailed a statement as possible going though everything as far as possible from A to Z that happened her at the concert in Slane last weekend.


"After this has happened the investigation may well be upgraded but of course that all depends on what she has to say – as it stands there still has not been a formal complaint in relation to the internet photos.

"The girl is still in a very vulnerable state and last night was simply not up to being interviewed."

Gardai are also investigating reports that a west Belfast teenager was responsible for posting online images of the girl performing a sex act at the Co Meath concert.

Gardai confirmed that they are aware of reports that the man is believed to be from west Belfast and may have been part of a group involved in a public order incident at a service station in Drogheda, Co Louth, before Saturday's Eminem gig.

Yesterday, a new video emerged on YouTube of the unfortunate teenager at the concert in which she was surrounded by up to eight young men who are pushing her around and jeering at her as she kisses a young man.

The young man who she is kissing is not the same man who she is photographed performing oral sex on and the video shows some of the men photographing her with their mobile phones while she kisses the unidentified man.

The video was removed from YouTube by the website less than an hour after it was posted because it violated the website's community guidelines.

Sources say gardai got access to the footage before it was removed and it is now part of the detailed investigation.

A source explained: "This latest video is just another disturbing aspect of this sorry situation and gardai continue to make enquiries about the identities of all those men who feature in photos and videos with the girl.

"The course of this investigation very much depends now on what the girl has to say – she and her family are completely devastated over this."

The teenager made a separate complaint of being sexually assaulted at the concert, which does not relate to the photographs.


The 17-year-old sought assistance at a medical tent at the Slane venue on Saturday.

However on Sunday, images of the girl performing a sex act at the concert went viral on the internet and the girl was re-admitted to hospital where she was so distraught that she needed to be sedated before undergoing medical tests.

After these tests were completed she left the hospital with her parents and has been staying at an undisclosed location with her family since.

"This is an absolutely horrible situation and gardai are determined to get to the bottom of it," a senior source said.