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Girl in attack on city tourist

A 15-year-old girl, who was "roaming the streets" and homeless when she attacked an Australian woman in Dublin city centre, has been remanded on continuing bail pending sentence.

The teenager, who has since been placed in a HSE unit for young people in care, had admitted at the Dublin Children's Court to assaulting the 26-year-old woman on Moore Street, on October 27 last.

The girl, who was not in court yesterday for fear she would "bolt", knocked the woman to the ground and held her down while an accomplice took her bag, the court heard.

Sentencing was adjourned until a date next month.

Phone killers are facing jail

Three robbers are facing long sentences at the Old Bailey in London today for killing a man for his BlackBerry phone.

Armenian Roshan Samedov (18) and Iranians Jegir Ahmmadi (20) and Awat Muradi (18), all from Thornton Heath, south London, were last month found guilty of manslaughter and robbery.

Saravanakumar Sellappan (24) died from a brain injury the day after the robbers knocked him to the ground to steal his phone.

Japan's Venus mission lifts off

Japan has launched a new spacecraft on a two-year mission to study the planet Venus and its climate.

A rocket carrying the Venus climate orbiter, called Akatsuki, blasted off from a Japanese space centre in Kagoshima, southern Japan. Akatsuki means "dawn" in Japanese.

Akatsuki is expected to reach Venus' orbit in December and will circle the planet for two years to examine its winds and temperature.

US child killer is put to death

The US state of Mississippi executed its second death row inmate in as many days, this time a man convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old girl.

Gerald James Holland (72) was declared dead by lethal injection.

"I'm really deep down in my heart sorry it happened," he said before reading the 23rd Psalm from a paper held by the prison chaplain. "I wish this would bring her back."