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Girl (18) caught in gun ambush as gang shoots at takeaway car

THE couple were delivering a meal from the Jamaal 5 in 1 takeaway in Inchicore.

The attack -- which took place just yards from St James's Hospital -- was understood to be a case of mistaken identity after a drugs outfit, rivals to the thugs who surrounded the couple, were seen in a silver car in the area earlier.

Deputy Lord Mayor Clare Byrne (Fine Gael), who represents the south-west inner city, said it was shocking that people going about their work could be targeted in this way.

She said the rivalry between drugs gangs is there between Crumlin and Drimnagh and extends into Inchicore.

"Until the gang situation is sorted out at a high level you will have this sort of incident occurring," Ms Byrne said.

"Because these gangs are armed, our gardai are not equipped to deal with these people. You can't send (un-armed) gardai out to them."

Ms Byrne said the couple who were attacked were "just going about their normal day, doing an extra bit to get an extra few bob".

"It's shocking stuff," she added.

A family member of one of the pair said they have been left traumatised, saying they realise it was "a miracle they weren't killed".


The driver was in the job to make some more money for Christmas and was terrified when they saw three people with guns.

Anwar Mohammed, who runs the Jamaal takeaway, said nothing like this had happened before in the eight years he has been here.