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Girl (17) headbutted and kicked six gardai

A 17-YEAR-OLD girl who attacked six gardai with kicks, spits and a headbutt has been ordered to take an anger management course.

The girl was released on supervised probation for six months.

She pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to attacking the six officers during the drink- fuelled incident in Coolock, in Dublin on May 29 last year.

A 6ft 2in garda sergeant, almost twice her weight, was attacked twice. The court heard a woman garda was spat at in her face as she was arresting the girl, who had been drinking beer in public.


The sergeant who had been trying to help arrest the teen was kicked in the right upper thigh.

Later, while being held at Coolock Garda Station, the girl started spitting at two other gardai. One was spat at in her eye, which became infected with conjunctivitis.

The teen continued to struggle with a garda in the station, began kicking her to the chest and then headbutted another male officer. A reserve garda was also scraped on his arm.

On leaving the station with her older sister, she spat at the sergeant she had attacked earlier that day and then kicked him on his leg. Yesterday Judge Bryan Smyth imposed a six-month probation bond on the girl, who was accompanied to her case by her mother.

The terms state she must keep the peace, continue to accept guidance from her probation officer to divert her from re-offending, complete a training course and attend one-to-one anger management counselling.

Judge Smyth warned the teen that she risked a possible sentence if he broke the conditions.

The girl had apologised for her actions and her counsel submitted that since she pleaded guilty in June, she had enrolled in a training course and it was hoped that this would lessen her chances of re-offending. The defence further submitted yesterday that the girl now understood she reacted badly to the gardai.