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Girl (13) crushed by SUV

THIS IS the young Dublin girl who was crushed by a car and fatally injured near her home.

Nicole Kelly (13) died on the operating table despite desperate efforts to save her at the scene and in hospital.

Her heartbrokern parents Paul and Karon were alerted to the tragedy minutes after Nicole was struck by a 4x4 on the N3 Mulhuddart slip road at around 9pm yesterday.

Despite huge efforts by an emergency medical team, the teenager died from blood loss. Minutes before the accident, Nicole, from Ladyswell Road in Mulhuddart, had said goodbye to a 14-year-old schoolfriend who reportedly heard the “bang” of the crash in the inbound lane.

Nicole had been heading home and was minutes away from it at the time. She was taken to James Connolly Memorial Hospital in Blancardstown by emergency services but doctors could not save her.

Her father and mother were told about the tragic accident immediately. Her broken- hearted dad told the Herald: “It’s such a shock. She was my eldest girl. The gardai came around at around

“I can’t remember much from last night to be honest,” dad Paul added. Nicole had two sisters Corrina (10) and Grace (4) and a brother, Lee (23).

Gardai are continuing to investigate the accident on the slip-road off the N3 approaching Mulhuddart.

The driver of the car, believed to be a Spanish accountant, was informed today at 4am that the girl had died and he was devastated by the news.

Doctors tried to give Nicole a blood transfusion in desperate attempts to save her but she tragically passed away in the early hours of this morning.


Today, friends and relatives visited the family home to pay their condolences.

Earlier, friends left messages on the popular teenager’s Bebo site. “I’m gonna miss you so much, you were the nicest girl ever, babe,” said friend Aoife Murray.

“Can’t believe you’re gone”.

Vehicle debris and a car bumper were at the scene of the incident this morning. The stretch of road is notoriously dangerous, compounded by the fact that there are numerous ongoing road works in the area.

Labour TD Joan Burton said she has discussed the problem of pedestrians on dual carriageways with the National Roads Authority.


“The problem is the road is lethally dangerous,” she said, adding: “My condolences would go out to the family. She was such a young girl, God love them.”

Pal Troy Nugent wrote on Nicole’s Bebo site: “RIP Nicole gonna miss ya buddy.”

Last night, when it was unclear what had happened, friends urged Nicole to “pull through” and to “wake up”.

Ms Burton said today: “It's a desperately dangerous stretch of road, particularly with the huge amount of road works that are currently being carried out.”

However, this morning pedestrians appeared to be using the slipway as an access route, oblivious to the danger they faced.

“A young girl has died in a traffic collision and we are currently investigating it,” a Garda spokesman said, appealing for witnesses to the tragic accident.