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Girl (10) suffered allergic reaction to egg at 'No' protest

A schoolgirl suffered anaphylactic shock when an egg was thrown at campaigners urging a 'No' vote in the same-sex marriage referendum.

Muireann DeClar (10) from Navan, Co Meath, who is severely allergic to eggs, was sitting on the side of an advertising truck bearing a 'No' campaign ad when at least one youth started throwing missiles, including eggs.

The youngster suffered a severe allergic reaction, which caused a rash which spread across her face, neck and shoulder.

Her mother Aoife said her daughter's face had swollen so much that her eye closed up.


"We were standing at the Navan Shopping Centre and there were kids running around.

"We had stopped for photographs at the 'No' billboard and there was a row of children sitting next to it," she said.

"The children ranged in age from three to 10. I suddenly heard Muireann screaming: 'I'm allergic to egg'. I turned around and it was dripping down her face.

"She was hysterical. She has severe allergies to egg and has gone into anaphylactic shock in the past.

"I brought her home as quick as I could because she had developed breathing difficulties," she added.

GardaĆ­ are investigating the incident and urged witnesses to come forward.

The event, staged by Mothers and Fathers Matter, was being led by Paddy Manning.

"While the attackers had no way of knowing that the child had an allergy, they had every way of knowing that she was a child of about 10 years old," said Mr Manning.

Meanwhile, Mothers and Fathers Matter have claimed politicians from all of the main political parties privately intend to vote 'No'.

The campaign said its representatives have spoken to TDs and senators who are in favour of a 'No' vote despite the stance of their parties.