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Gilmore furious over TV exclusion

TANAISTE Eamon Gilmore delivered a rebuke to Taoiseach Enda Kenny over his "exclusion" from the televised addresses following the bailout exit.

Mr Gilmore was furious that he was the only party leader not to be afforded the opportunity to address the nation on RTE.

However, the issue only came to a head during a private meeting between the pair earlier this week.

Sources say Mr Kenny was "taken aback" after being told of Mr Gilmore's deep dissatisfaction about not being included in the broadcasts.


The Tanaiste insisted that any future leaders' addresses must involve him and that he felt excluded.

Labour figures insisted this week that a "compromise" should have been struck which would have resulted in speaking time being carved up between both Mr Kenny and Mr Gilmore.

"He is the Tanaiste of the country and the leader of one of the biggest parties – there was no reason why a compromise could not have been made. He had to stand his ground on this one," said a Labour source.