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Gilligan's family at bedside as residents tell of anger

JOHN Gilligan's family were at his bedside in Connolly Hospital in west Dublin yesterday as the convicted drug trafficker was being treated for multiple gunshot wounds in the latest attempt on his life.

Two unmarked garda cars were parked at the doors of the Blanchardstown hospital, and security was said to be tight around a room where Gilligan is being treated.


Looking tired, his wife Geraldine, daughter Tracey and son Darren were sitting in the reception area when approached by the Herald for comment on Gilligan's condition and on the events around the murder attempt.

"Just turn around and go. I don't know how you sleep at night," said Tracey.

The family left the hospital a short time later trying to hide themselves under an umbrella, and then drove away.

Gilligan was shot four times at his brother's home in Clondalkin, getting hit three times in the stomach, hip and leg, with the fourth bullet grazing his forehead.

He suffered a leg fracture and another minor wound to his chest bone.

Gilligan's brother Thomas later declined to comment outside his home where the shooting took place.

He returned to the house shortly before 6.30pm, speaking with one of the uniformed gardai outside the property.

Members of the Gilligan family had been attending a function at the Silver Granite pub in Palmerstown following a christening ceremony for Thomas's grandchild.

It is understood that John Gilligan did not attend the pub celebrations himself.

Residents at the scene of the shooting, Greenfort Crescent in Clondalkin, spoke of their fear and anger at the brutal attack in their neighbourhood.

A 60-year-old woman who lives nearby spoke of hearing the gunshots that had cut down Gilligan.

She said: "The first shot was a really loud bang. Like it was just outside. I thought it might be fireworks.

"But then I heard two big thuds. They sounded like they were coming from inside. They were kind of muffled. I wondered what it was.


"But I still had no idea what had happened until all the commotion started. The ambulance and the fire brigade came and the police and there was a lot of people around."

However, one man from the area did not have much sympathy for the victim. He said he was not surprised what had finally happened.

"I didn't get a fright when I heard what had happened. I knew that was coming to him. He was so cocky."