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Gilligan locked in solitary after booze found in his jail cell

FORMER crime boss John Gilligan was sent to solitary confinement after being found with illicit booze in jail.

The drugs baron has been given 56 days in isolation at the Midlands Prison.

The pint-sized criminal was spotted with bottles of illegal alcohol at his cell in the Portlaoise maximum security jail in March.

The drink -- made from fermented fruit -- was confiscated and Gilligan was given punishment of solitary confinement.

A prison source explained: "He lost his privileges, such as visits, and was in the punishment area for 56 days."

Gilligan had eight months added to his 20-year sentence when a mobile phone was found in his cell in March last year.


The mobile was found along with a charger, a number of pills, a syringe and two pairs of women's underwear.

Gilligan (59) was also filmed at a hooch-filled party in the jail in 2004.

The former crime boss was cleared in 2001 of the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin, but was convicted by the Special Criminal Court in March 2001 of 11 offences of importing cannabis resin between 1994 and 1996.

Gilligan was originally sentenced to 28 years in prison for the drugs offences, but this was reduced on appeal to 20 years.

He was also convicted in June 2002 of threatening to kill two prison officers and was given an extra two-year prison sentence.