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Gilligan hitman stalks Bradley as murder fears rise


Wayne Bradley

Wayne Bradley

John Gilligan

John Gilligan


Wayne Bradley

The gangland psychopath who is suspected of making two failed attempts to murder exiled crimelord John Gilligan has taken up a contract on the life of recently-freed gang thug Wayne Bradley.

Bradley is understood to be back in the capital this weekend after taking a short break in Lanzarote but sources say that he is in "severe danger".

"The fellow who has been enlisted to shoot Bradley is utterly ruthless," a source said last night.

"Bradley is aware that this man is gunning for him and is very right to be terrified. He won't even drive his own car because he is so freaked out."

The Finglas criminal who is believed to be stalking Bradley has aligned himself with a Blanchardstown gangster who is in a deadly feud with crime figure Jason 'Jay' O'Connor.


The hitman is a convicted armed robber who previously subjected Gilligan to a savage beating in high-security Portlaoise Prison and is said to have a "pathological hatred" for the veteran criminal who fled Ireland after the last attempt on his life at his brother's Clondalkin home last March.

He is also suspected of entering the Halfway House on the Navan Road in north Dublin armed with a 9mm handgun looking for Gilligan in early December 2013.

He was previously closely associated with Kevin Ledwidge, a 27-year-old Finglas criminal who was shot dead in July, 2007 as well as convicted Finglas murderer David Cully (24) who was jailed for life in July for the gun murder of his uncle.

The gangster is also linked to a Cabra criminal who was recently jailed in relation to a savage assault after which the victim died.

It remains unclear exactly why he wants to kill Bradley but sources say it may be as simple as him proving that he is "top dog" in Finglas.

Wayne served most of the final year of his five-year-jail sentence in Portlaoise Prison with his older brother Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley (41) before being released last week.

Wayne and 'Fatpuss' tried to carry out a raid on a cash-in-transit van carrying almost €900,000 in 2007 under the direction of slain gangster Eamon 'The Don' Dunne.