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Gilligan forced to watch brother's funeral online


John Gilligan

John Gilligan

John Gilligan

Convicted drug trafficker John Gilligan missed his brother's funeral and had to watch it live online.

There had been speculation that the 62-year-old former drug baron, who is lying low in the UK after being shot in another brother's house last March, might travel back to Dublin following the death of his brother Bernard last Saturday.

But he failed to show at the Church of Divine Mercy in Lucan yesterday.

Bernard had no involvement in the world of crime, and worked for years in the shipping industry.

The church has a live streaming internet system that would have enabled Gilligan to watch the proceedings from afar. He was mentioned once during the Mass when a relative said from the altar that he was absent.

Sources close to the investigations into Gilligan's criminality said his no-show at the funeral shows how frightened he has become.

"He is now a scared man. Gone is the cocky bravado that he was so well-known for," they said.

Since he was released from jail last October, there have been two attempts on his life.

In the first, last December 5, Gilligan was targeted by a man who ran into the Halfway House pub in Cabra with a gun.


However, the would-be assassin went to the wrong pub - Gilligan was in the nearby Hole in the Wall.

In the second attempt, Gilligan was in his brother Thomas's house in Clondalkin following a family christening on March 1 when a gunman burst in and shot him in the abdomen, chest and leg, with one bullet grazing his head.

While recovering in Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown, Gilligan's driver and protector Stephen 'Dougie' Moran was shot dead on his doorstep in Lucan.

It was an act that terrified Gilligan so much that he fled the country.

He discharged himself from hospital and left Ireland via Dublin Port.

Sources say Gilligan is recovering slowly and may return home at Christmas.