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Gillen back on Charlie's turf

ACTOR Aidan Gillen has revealed he has no fears how his portrayal of former Taoiseach Charles Haughey will go down in the one place where the name Charlie is still revered - Dingle, Co Kerry.

The star of Game of Thrones and the upcoming three-part RTE drama Charlie that airs on January 4 says it was a "fair" portrayal so he doesn't fear a backlash from his former neighbours in west Kerry. The actor said he was delighted to be back in Dingle this weekend where for the fourth time he will present Other Voices, now in its 13th series.

Finding Nemo just got harder

The US Navy is working on a robotic fish that will be able to swim undetected into hostile waters and send back information on the movements of opponents' ships.

Project Silent Nemo is under way at a military base outside of Washington and Navy scientists hope to begin deploying the robot into the field next year. The robot fish looks like a blue fin tuna from a distance and it is almost impossible to tell from its black dorsal fin that it is made of gears and whirring cogs.

€35m Gauguin hung in kitchen

An Italian pensioner who unknowingly bought a stolen Gauguin for €24 in a 1975 Turin art sale has been allowed to keep it after it was valued at over €35m.

The painting was originally owned by Mathilda Marks, the daughter of Michael Marks, the founder of Marks and Spencer, but were stolen in 1970. The Marks had no heirs. The 70-year-old man had hung the painting on his kitchen wall, but now plans to sell it and take his wife on a honeymoon which they had never been able to afford.

Tables for one at Christmas

A restaurant in Tokyo has said it will refuse to serve couples on Christmas Eve because their happiness would remind single patrons of their loneliness.

The owner of PiaPia, a pasta restaurant in Tokyo, has placed a handwritten sign in the window of the restaurant that reads: "We will be refusing entry to all couples on December 24, with absolutely no exceptions!"