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Giggs launches shouting match with wife in street as pair meet his former mistress Natasha

FOOTBALLER Ryan Giggs and his wife have had a street bust-up with his former mistress.

The pair dived into a shouting match after coming face-to-face in front of dozens of onlookers.

The Welsh native even accused her of paying for a boob job with the money she made from selling her story.

Manchester United star Ryan Giggs hurled torrents of abuse at his ex-lover and sister-in-law Natasha after spotting her on the street.

The 37-year-old and his wife Stacey Cooke ran into Natasha for the first time since she lifted the lid on their eight-year affair four months ago -- and up to 20 cars and passers-bys stopped to gawp at the confrontation.


In a spectacular public row outside Tung Fong Chinese restaurant in Manchester, the married couple stormed up to Natasha (28) on Tuesday evening as she sat in her car waiting to collect her sister Kerrie.

A source said the couple screamed at the mum-of-two, with Stacey (34) branding Natasha "a f***ing slag".

The insider said: "Ryan turned to Stacey and said, 'shut the f*** up and get in the f***ing car'."

The footballer ordered Stacey to leave the scene as he continued to slag his brother Rhodri's ex. "Are you f***ing proud of yourself," he is reported to have asked.

"He was going completely nuts, she told him to f*** off and that their relationship was only about sex to her," an eye-witness said.

"The row went on for about 10 minutes -- at one point staff at the nearby restaurant came out to check nobody was hurt."

The brunette beauty took to her social networking page following the incident to vent her anger on the midfielder, whom she claims she had an affair with for eight years.

"That awkward moment when you bump into the one person you never thought you would see again -- with his lapdog," Natasha tweeted.

"Had a blazing row in the street, he's such a t***," she furiously added.

News of Giggs's infidelities first surfaced after former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas revealed that she had a fling with the famous father-of-two.

In the aftermath, Natasha then broke her silence about her romance with the red-shirt veteran,who she met in 2003, admitting that she engaged in a relationship with both brothers simultaneously, despite being married to younger sibling Rhodri.

She even stated she was forced to abort Ryan's baby. A spokesman for the football legend -- who wed Stacey in 2007 -- refused to comment on the incident.