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Gift Grub takes it all with Abba/SF hit song


Mario Rosenstock’s sketch got half a million views

Mario Rosenstock’s sketch got half a million views

Mario Rosenstock’s sketch got half a million views

The 2020 General Election has not just proved to be a big surprise winner for Sinn Fein.

The champagne corks are also popping in the Today FM offices after a Gift Grub sketch inspired by the results clocked up a new record of 500,000 views in just two days.

Devised by Mario Rosenstock and Ian Dempsey, the long-running satirical segment on the radio morning show released a clip that has been retweeted by Gerry Adams called The Shinners Take it All #GE202 in review.

Using the tune of Abba's The Winner Takes It All and mocked-up images of all the party's leaders dancing to the song, its reworked lyrics include the line: "Forget the green and blue, it's time for Mary Lou."

Other lyrics include: "We don't give a toss about Shane Ross."


Commenting on the popularity of the skit, Mario told the Herald he was taken aback at its popularity and the fact that Mr Adams retweeted it was "the icing on the cake".

The impersonator, who has a Sunday morning show on Today FM, said "people are loving it, across the board".

"It's so topical at the moment and it's very rare that you do something new and it just smashes everything that you've done before," he said.

Previously, the most popular skit was Dry Your Eyes Becks, which was voted the top Gift Grub sketch.

Done in Mario's best Roy Keane impression to the tune of The Streets' hit Dry Your Eyes, the sketch was inspired by David Beckham's massive disappointment after his penalty miss against France in Euro 2004.