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Ghost-hunt woman in tears after night at eerie Gaol

Ghost hunters have discovered signs of paranormal activity in Wicklow Gaol in the first full week observation at the notorious site.

The professional investigators stayed overnight at the old prison last week, armed with dozens of pieces of technical equipment to record any ghoulish movements.

Tim Kelly led the investigation and the crew brought in 12 to 14 cases of gear, including electromagnetic field meters, K2 meters, voice recorders and night vision cameras.

One of the photographs recorded a strange red mist on the walls of the gaol which was invisible to the human eye.

But it was investigator Lisa Armstrong who had the most profound reaction in cell 41.


"We went into the cell and sat down and like a bolt of lightning, Lisa burst into tears," said Tim Kelly. "She got incredibly emotional and it took her about 10 minutes to recover. She said she felt very cold immediately afterwards.

"We didn't see anything at all. I can't explain it, I've never seen anything like that before," he added. Previous visitors to Wicklow Gaol have reported sightings of a woman in dark clothes and the sounds of a little boy crying in the old schoolroom.

In another cell, number 13, the team had a strong reaction when communicating with a spirit, which they believe is called Edward. "When we were in cell 13, the psychic Angie Freeland was calling out to spirits and there were fluctuations in the K2 meters, right up to red," Tim said.

Prisoners held at the jail included James 'Napper' Tandy.

Robert Erskine Childers was held there in 1922 before execution in Dublin.