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'Getting into next round on The Voice UK was like a dream' - Dub Lauren


Singer Lauren Lapsley-Browne

Singer Lauren Lapsley-Browne

Singer Lauren Lapsley-Browne

Dublin's star in The Voice UK is busy rehearsing for the next round of the competition after blowing judges away with her vocals.

Lauren Lapsley-Browne (18), from Clondalkin, said she felt like "she was in a dream" after getting through to the blind auditions of the talent show.

"I had never done anything like that before," she told the Herald.

"I was more excited than nervous because I said to myself that, either way, it was going to be a great experience. It was amazing."

On the show, Lauren burst into tears of happiness after two out of four judges - including her hero Will.I.Am - turned during her performance.


The Black Eyed Peas singer spun his chair just seconds into Lauren's rendition of Rufus and Chaka Khan's Ain't Nobody, and compared her to "a Charlie's Angel".

"I was hoping for Will.I.Am so much because he has that specific type of tone that he is into," she said. "Paloma Faith turned, too. I wasn't expecting that at all and was so thrilled.

"It's all more close and personal in real life. When you're watching the show, the chairs look further away but they are actually so close, you're singing right to the judges.

"There is a good amount of people in the audience, too."

Among her biggest supporters is her dad, Callum, who was a member of Irish boyband NV.

"My dad was the one who started me off singing, because he would be in the house with the band - and I became interested and decided to do it myself," she said.

"I started singing in school and was getting high marks in music exams, so I said I would do something about it.

"I had entered one or two singing competitions before, but they were local ones and I never did a gig in my life."

Lauren - who works part-time in The Bagel Bar on Lower Liffey Street - did her Leaving Cert last year, but has always wanted to work in music.

"I was interested in school but was more into music, because that's what I was good at. I just sing all the time," she added. "I used to sing Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but they're dated and not what people want to hear anymore. I love dance music, and the song I did on the show was modernised."

There is already a loyal group of fans to support her in the upcoming battle round of the show.

"The reaction from my friends and family when they found out I got through was brilliant," she said.

"I got such good feedback from people. At the start I used to worry so much at how amazing some of the other contestants are, but I'm my own person and we're all different. I'm going to focus on myself rather than others."


Meanwhile, Lauren's workmates at The Bagel Bar in Dublin 1 are rooting for her to go all the way and said she was "always singing" while cleaning up.

"She is a superstar," her colleague Felipe Sancler said.

"She is such a sweet and kind person. She could sing any song, and was always singing while sweeping up - and she's a great dancer, too."

Colleague Jason Rogers thought Lauren was "an unbelievable singer" when he first saw her perform.

"When she's here she is so bubbly, and good craic, but we miss her when she is not here," he added.