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Get ready to soak up the sun with blast of summer on Friday

sun-LOVERS will be getting a taste of the Mediterranean this weekend with temperatures here expected to hit the low twenties.

A spokesperson for Met Eireann told the Herald that although some days over the weekend will start off cloudy and overcast, the sun is expected to come out.

"For today, Friday and the weekend, it will be generally dry but maybe with the odd bit of drizzle.

"Temperatures are expected to hit the high teens and low twenties, with some very nice light winds. It will be very nice weather," she added.

"There will be probably be spells of sunshine every day.

"Each day will start off cloudy and misty, with a few spots of drizzle. But as the day progresses, sunny spells are expected," the spokesperson added.

But if you're looking for more of a guarantee of sunny climes, Met Eireann says to head towards inland areas, which are expected to be warmer.

"Around the west coast, with the Atlantic, it will be foggy. But overall the country will be warm.

"Temperatures will be above normal and we expect it to be very humid over the weekend, although this humidity will go by the start of next week."


And if you're thinking of hitting the beach, the signs are good.

"It really does depend on how much sunshine we get. We could be underneath some cloud, but it will still be quite warm," the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, forecasters in the UK are expecting blistering temperatures over the weekend as warm fronts from Portugal and Spain are expected to send temperatures soaring to 28C in the south-east of the country by Friday.

Jonathan Powell, senior forecaster at Positive Weather Solutions, is expecting summer to kick off in the UK tomorrow.

"We will probably get the best of the temperatures on Friday and possibly until Saturday.

"Temperatures will reach the high teens on Sunday and Monday, and the remainder of the week looks dry.

"We've got it down as sunny spells so we don't expect it to be overcast and it will feel pretty close if you're in the city. It's the first salvo of summer."

Earlier this year, Mr Powell predicted that temperatures in the UK would hit the mid thirties -- here's hoping some of that sunshine will come our way too.