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Georgia stands by PAl Lynn

Georgia Salpa has rushed to the defence of fellow model Lynn Kelly after she posted a controversial selfie to Instagram.

The former Miss Universe Ireland winner has been receiving a lot of attention since posting the picture last week.

Lynn already told the Herald she won't apologise to anyone about her figure.

"I work my ass off for my body, training hard every day and eating extremely healthy.

"I choose to look this way. I am not influenced by other people's perceptions of beauty.

"I am a strong, confident woman...I stand by my picture and I am proud of body," she wrote.

And Georgia said that Lynn "is right to feel proud of her body" and shouldn't listen to the trolls.

"I want to send out hugs and kisses to stunning model Lynn Kelly, who was accused of being too skinny," she said.

"She posted an image of herself in lingerie, provoking a string of negative comments.

"It's nobody's business how she looks - Lynn is right to feel proud of her body," she added.