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George facing jail after crash high on cannabis

Pop star George Michael was today facing jail after he admitted crashing his Range Rover while under the influence of cannabis.

The 47-year-old star, whose real name is Georgios Panayiotou, was found slumped at the wheel of his car after it ploughed into a shop.

Police who banged on the window to rouse him suspected he was under the influence of something after they found him "spaced out" and with no memory of what had happened.

The Wham! star was found carrying two cannabis cigarettes and tests on a sample of his blood showed he had chemicals linked to the drug in his system.

The court heard Michael was also convicted of driving while unfit through drugs after he was found collapsed in his Mercedes in October 2006. The crash was the latest in a long line of clashes with the law for Michael, who has been open about his use of cannabis and claimed he was trying to cut down.


Michael, who appeared with heavy security at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court last month, admitted driving while unfit through drugs and possessing two cannabis cigarettes when he was held in Hampstead, London, in the early hours of July 4.

District Judge Robin McPhee gave him an interim six-month driving ban and warned he could be jailed.

Prosecutor Penny Fergusson said Michael appeared to try to get the car back in gear when he was roused by one officer banging on his window.

The court heard that Michael did not initially respond to police and when asked what his name was, replied: "George."

When he got out of the car the officers found he was soaked with sweat, breathing heavily and had to be held up. Ms Fergusson said Michael was confused and when told he had crashed into a shop, added: "No I didn't. I didn't crash into anything."