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geography was first up, but everyone was thinking maths

GEOGRAPHY might have been first up yesterday, but all anybody really cared about was maths.

After the tough Irish exams, everybody was eager to get stuck in and nothing will take your mind off a bad exam in the past like Maths Paper 1.

Even five minutes before the geography exam itself, you could find people studying maths in the hallways.

Then the geography exam started, and for a few short hours we could all forget about maths.

Geography was perfect. The exam, as always, started with 20 short questions that can be on anything in the course and often catch people out, but this year had no surprises apart from a single question that involved maths.

That caught many people out, because they didn't think to bring a calculator into geography.

Next came the four long questions, which were on soils, climate, people on the move and an Ordnance Survey map.

All these questions have been covered 100 times in any geography class, but even this exam didn't help to lighten the mood – everyone knew maths was right around the corner.

During the break, you could go anywhere in the school and find somebody with their heads stuck in past papers.

This year's paper was to be the last based on the old course, and everyone was certain it would go out with a bang.

More than one person will always give up and walk out of the exam before getting to the last questions, and those who stayed until the end were desperately trying to write anything down on their pages.

Person-ally, I managed to attempt it all, but I have my doubts about my answers.

Some of the more maths-minded people whom I asked seemed happy with what they had done.

It's the weekend now at least, two days of recovery before it starts all over again, but there won't be any celebrations just yet, because Monday's line-up is CSPE and Maths Paper 2.

While you won't hear about anybody studying for an exam like CSPE, Maths Paper 2 is something else.