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Gay's return For One Night Only


Phil Coulter. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Phil Coulter. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Phil Coulter. Photo: Gerry Mooney

GAY Byrne's musical series For One Night Only won't be returning to our TV screens this winter.

The veteran broadcaster has confirmed that RTE won't recommission the programme.

"No For One Night Only is not coming back," Gay told The Herald. "There is no money. None.

"I am disappointed but things come and go. RTE are as broke as everyone else and they just don't have the money to do the shows they want to do."

The popular six part series saw Irish music legends such as Christy Moore, Daniel O'Donnell, Mary Black, Imelda May, Paul Brady and Bob Geldof perform some of their best known hits before an audience. They also discussed their careers with Gay.

However, fans of the series need not lose hope entirely.

The programme will return, as fate would have it, for one night only.

There will be a Christmas Day special with Phil Coulter - the man behind Puppet On A String, Shang-A-Lang and Black Is The Colour.

"We've done one special for Christmas with Phil Coulter and that will be very good. I think people will love it."

The veteran broadcaster currently presents Sunday with Gay Byrne on Lyric FM.

Other broadcasters are often guilty of gloating about or downplaying their annual JNLR figures, but Gay says he is above all that.

In fact, he never looks at the listenership figures.

"I don't have the faintest idea what my radio figures are," he said.

"We don't bother about things like that on Lyric FM."

The legendary broadcaster is gearing up for more theatre shows with his wife Kathleen Watkins.

"In October we were in Galway and Ennis and we had full audiences," he said.