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Gayle breaks her silence to claim 'I don't owe anything to NAMA'

PROPERTY developer Sean Dunne's wife insists that she doesn't owe anything to NAMA and that her private finances are not of public interest.

Gayle Killilea Dunne has broken her silence after media scrutiny of her family's new base the US.

Sean Dunne moved his wife and family to a US mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Some of Mr Dunne's loans have been transferred to NAMA.

One of his most famous deals was the €379m purchase of the high-profile 6.85-acre Jury's Berkeley Court site in Dublin 4 which, at the time, was a record price for land here.

But his wife said that her home and finances were not of public interest.

The former gossip columnist added she had no debts with any institutions covered by the bank guarantee nor was she the subject of any NAMA loans.

Gayle said in a statement through international law firm Johnsons, that she and her three children were entitled to a private life.


The law firm also warned she would take legal action against any media outlet attempting to breach that.

"Her marital affairs, her place of residence and her finances are not legitimate matters of public interest," the statement outlined. "She and her family are entitled not to have their security threatened due to the publication of private information about them in the media including specifically their place of residence."

At the height of the boom, the couple honeymooned aboard Aristotle Onassis's yacht Christina O in 2004.

Earlier the so-called Baron of Ballsbridge said that he was "blue in the face" trying to convince the world that his family had not permanently left their Shrewsbury Road home.

He rejected claims that he owned a €2m house in the exclusive private estate which include residents such as Diana Ross.

"I am sick to death of it. I have been telling everyone for weeks that I don't own this house," he said. "I don't own any property in the US whatsoever. Nor is any US property including this house held in trust for me, or by someone else on my behalf.

"I can't be any clearer. I am blue in the face telling people."


Mr Dunne also said that he had made full and complete statements about his assets to a number of forums and they were 100pc accurate.

"I have been going abroad to build for 25 years," he said. "So far this year I have been in Switzerland and London and a host of other places. It's what I do and have always done."