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Gaybo's glad he's out

Veteran broadcaster Gay Byrne has revealed his relief at being no longer linked with the Presidential elections now that the battle is starting to get really dirty. The campaign trail has been marred by a series of allegations about the candidates' pasts, most notably Dana's family history.

And the 77-year-old presenter has now admitted how fighting it out for the Aras was "never a runner" for him.

He kept everyone guessing in August after saying he "would consider" entering the race, before eventually ruling himself out, saying he didn't believe he was what the Irish people were looking for.

The RTE stalwart jokingly referred to himself as "the best President Ireland never had" at the launch of Joe Duffy's autobiography at Harry's bar this week.

However, he said: "I saw bits of it (coverage) here and there and they're going through the same old stuff over and over again. I've lost interest. It was never a runner for me."

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