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Gaybo: 'I'd consider taking my own life if in terminal pain'

Broadcaster Gay Byrne would consider taking his own life if he was facing into a terminal illness and in great pain.

The former Late Late Show host said he could understand the rationality of such a decision made by a person experiencing a condition in which they were suffering.

The 80-year-old has revealed he thinks of death at times but is not afraid of it.

Mr Byrne explained that the prospect of "lying a long time in great pain" is something most people would dread.

If he found himself in this situation, he told BBC Northern Ireland's The Nolan Show last night, he would consider suicide an option.

"Your dread is you will lie a long time in awful pain and disability.

"I would rather it happen very very quickly and gone. Thank you. Goodbye. Lights out."

When asked by host Stephen Nolan, if he would consider taking his own life if he found himself in such a situation, Byrne said he would consider it.

"Yes I think there is a great deal of rationality behind that and a choice people can make.

"If you are facing into a long drawn out terrible illness with great pain, I think that is an option. I would have to consider it - although it is against all the tenets of everything we have been taught.

"But more people are realising that's the way out and maybe we should take it."

The broadcaster told Nolan he was not afraid of getting older - and feels in good shape.

"I cannot believe I am 80 years of age because my father, amongst other people, died at 58.

The Meaning of Life host says he thinks about death.

"I know it's coming and I know it's going to get here for me before it gets here for you. I'm not afraid of it, I don't dwell on it, I don't worry about it.

"But my main aim is to realise now every day is a bonus."