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Gatsby-loving women in a flap for 1920s accessories

Great Gatsby style might be back, but unless you have a waif-like figure, a flapper dress is not the easiest look to pull off.

Instead stylish dames are channelling Daisy Buchanan with vintage-style accessories.

Charleston headdresses, cigarette holders and beaded capes are flying off the shelves.

But it's feathered accessories – such as downy capes and plumed headdresses – that have got ladies in a flap.

Sales of feather accessories at Debenhams Ireland have increased by more than 250pc since last year, while costume jewellery and diamante-encrusted bracelets are up 200pc.

Dublin stylist Sarah Ross says picking choice accessories is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give your wardrobe an instant Gatsby twist.

"The beaded dresses are gorgeous," she said. "But they cost a fortune and tend to have very little structure to them. Unless you have a body that's toned and honed, they can be very unflattering.

"Flapper dresses tend to suit women with boyish figures, but if you have curves it might not be the best look.

"But 1920s-style feathered boas and headdresses are much more becoming.

"With a Charleston headdress, a boa over the shoulder and a cigarette holder in hand, you'll look the part."

Hair jewels have also been popular, with sales up 73pc in the past week alone.

"Twenties-style regalia is back," Karen Nason, Debenhams Ireland spokesperson, said.

"The beauty of this trend is that women can go big or small. A simple feather and pearl hair clip gives a subtle nod to Gatsby.

"Or for full-on Twenties glamour, women can wear gorgeous sequinned dresses."

Hotsy-totsy gents are also fans of Gatsby's slick sense of style – sales of tuxedo jackets in Debenhams are up 60pc on this time last year.