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Gary's brutal downfall led to bloody murder on the streets


The scene after Gary Hutch was brutally shot at the Angel de Miraflores complex near Marbella

The scene after Gary Hutch was brutally shot at the Angel de Miraflores complex near Marbella

The murder of Gary Hutch (34) at 11.30am on September 24
was the first slaying of the feud

The murder of Gary Hutch (34) at 11.30am on September 24 was the first slaying of the feud


The scene after Gary Hutch was brutally shot at the Angel de Miraflores complex near Marbella

Gary Hutch was one of Europe's most-wanted criminals for a period of time after the dramatic arrests in the summer of 2010, which were part of Operation Shovel.

He continued to be one of the senior players in the Christy Kinahan cartel and spent years dividing his time between Spain, Amsterdam and Dublin.

In 2012, Hutch appeared in a Spanish court on charges linked to the massive international police operation, but was quickly released without charge and continued his work for the powerful gang.

However, it has now emerged that some time either in late 2012 or early 2013, Hutch began to do business behind the cartel's back with a major English gang.


It's understood that he was involved in around half a dozen major drugs shipments with the English gang that yielded massive cash hauls.

The Kinahan cartel became aware of Hutch's work with the rival organisation and it is understood that he was warned about his activities and fell out of favour with the gang's hierarchy.

It is not known if this was the reason behind an incident on the morning of May 6, 2014, when graffiti was daubed on a church wall ahead of the funeral of crime boss Christy Kinahan's wife.

The words "Gary Hutch u rat" were scrawled on the outside of the Russian Orthodox Church, beside Mount Jerome cemetery, where Jean Boylan was laid to rest. Ms Boylan, who was not involved in criminality, had passed away a few days earlier after a short battle with illness.

Another message also accused Gary Hutch of 'setting up' another man from Dublin's north inner city.

The graffiti attack made it clear to gardai and underworld observers that Hutch was now a man under severe pressure but at that stage very few people knew why.

The next significant development happened four months later on a balmy night in Spain's Costa Del Crime. It made international headlines when former European light-middleweight champion Jamie Moore was shot multiple times in the Spanish resort of Marbella outside a villa owned by Daniel Kinahan.

Moore, who has no involvement in crime, was shot at five times and hit twice in the leg and foot as he left the property. He survived his injuries.


At first, gardai believed that Gary Hutch had been the intended target of the shooting.

But it is now believed that the actual target of the botched murder attempt was in fact Daniel Kinahan and that Hutch had organised it.

It is understood that tensions within the cartel had soared in the months before the shooting with Gary being accused of both being a police informant and working for rival mobs.

Then, less than a month later on September 6, 2014, key cartel enforcer Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh (44) was shot dead in an Irish bar in Elviria and it seemed like tensions within the mob were about to explode.

The hitmen left 29 holes between exit and entry wounds in the mobster's body, according to an autopsy. Gardai quickly suspected that the cartel was behind the brutal murder after 'Hatchet' was accused of stealing money from the mob.

In a bizarre move, Daniel's Kinihan's lawyer, Javier Arias, revealed he would be asking the Spanish courts to provide him with armed police protection.

Mr Arias said it was because of the shooting of Moore that he would be asking for police protection for his client and not because of the killing of Kavanagh who "he had never met".

The lawyer added: "In spite of all the newspaper reports about the links between Gerard Kavanagh and the Kinahan family, Daniel doesn't know the man killed at the weekend and has never met him.

"The reason I will be asking for protection for Daniel is because of Jamie Moore's shooting. He was shot in Daniel's garden and Daniel was at the property at the time. The incident shows there's a very clear risk to Daniel's safety."


Meanwhile, tensions continued to increase in Dublin when Hatchet's younger brother Paul Kavanagh (27) was murdered as part of the same internal cartel "stolen cash row" that led to the older Kavanagh's murder in Spain six months earlier.

Paul was killed in a ruthless attack as he sat in a Volkswagen Passat on Church Avenue in Drumcondra at around 11.30am on Thursday, March 26, last year, by a two hit men who riddled him with bullets after putting him under surveillance.

The chief suspects for this murder are two ruthless north inner city criminals who were very close to Gary Hutch.

Events in Spain, just a few months later would ensure that they changed allegiance and in turn became mortal enemies of their former associates in the Kinahan cartel, eventually being suspected of being involved in the Regency Hotel attack.

The murder of Gary Hutch disgusted the duo who had previously killed for the cartel, but were now intent on wiping out the gang.

In the months before his brutal murder last September, it is understood that Gary knew that his life was in grave danger from his former close partners in the cartel and he even began to spend more and more time in Dublin.

But he wasn't to end his days in Dublin's north inner city - he was brutally assassinated where he had set up home in Spain.

Hutch was chased around a swimming pool in a private apartment complex by a gunman in a balaclava before he was gunned down at around 11.30am on September 24 last at his home in the Angel de Miraflores complex, near Marbella.

After the savage murder, it emerged that Gary's uncle Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch had organised the payment of €200,000 to the Kinahan cartel to spare his life and allow him to "retire" from the gang.

However, the Kinahan mob reneged on this deal and then demanded a further €200,000 from Gary's family.


At the gangster's funeral on October 6, his heartbroken mother Kay called for no revenge for her son's murder.

Kay Hutch said the pain she endured at losing her 34-year-old son was unbearable and she would not wish it on others.

"We do not want retaliation," she told mourners at the funeral. "We don't wish our pain on any other family. I let God be our judge."

Fr Richard Ebejer, parish priest at Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Sean MacDermott Street, reiterated that call, saying the family had asked him to speak out against any plans to avenge the father of one's shooting.

In fact, Fr Ebejer would be making a very similar plea at the funeral of Gary's uncle Eddie, just four months later - another Hutch brutally murdered by the cartel.

These pleas fell on deaf ears and were clearly ignored by some of Gary's closest associates and as tensions increased throughout the winter, it became clear that the feud that had the potential to be the bloodiest in Irish gangland history was about to explode.

Just weeks after Gary's murder, his brother Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch was the victim of a savage knife attack in Mountjoy Prison which was ordered by the cartel.

In a retaliation attack, cartel associate Liam Roe survived an attempted murder at Dublin's Red Cow Hotel on the night of November 6 which was followed by another brutal attack on 'Del Boy' Hutch in prison less than a month later as tit-for-tat violence increased.

Then on New Year's Eve it emerged that Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch survived a botched assassination attempt in a Lanzarote pub.

This was the last botched hit, as the feud was about to make headlines across the world on February 5 when cartel member David Byrne was shot dead and two of his pals injured when five gunmen stormed the Regency Hotel, including one disguised as a woman and three as gardai armed with AK-47s.

Just three nights later, Eddie Hutch, the older brother of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch was shot dead at his home in Dublin's north inner city in a revenge attack for the Regency Hotel.

The feud's fourth victim and third Hutch associate was shot dead on Wednesday night last week when cigarette smuggling kingpin Noel 'Kingsize' Duggan was blasted multiple times as he sat in a car outside his home in Ratoath, Co Meath.

There can be little doubt that the brutal cycle of violence which started with the murder of Gary Hutch is set to continue.

There is major concern that his associates are planning a spectacular attack against the cartel in the coming days and weeks.