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Garda's sex taunts to women

A GARDA Sergeant appeared in court today charged with sexually assaulting two women officers.

The mid-ranking officer is accused of making suggestive remarks and groping the female colleagues on three separate occasions at a city station last year.

The court heard today it would be alleged that when one of the gardai screamed at being grabbed, he told her: “I would say you are some screamer in bed.”

Inspector James Flood told the court that it was alleged “injured party number one” was in her place of work on March 21 last year.

She was bending over a desk in the communications room when “the accused came in and pressed his pelvic area into her posterior and at the same time placed his hands at her hips and did a humping motion on her behind saying she liked it this way”.

The second summons against the accused related to an offence against “injured party number two.”


At approximately 11:30pm on June 2 last she was in her place of work and putting a camera into a wall locker near a desk where the defendant was working.

The garda leaned over the accused to put the camera into the locker and while she was doing so, had her right leg outstretched behind her.

“At that point it is alleged that the accused grabbed the inside of her right upper thigh on the fleshy area near her private parts”, Inspector Flood said.

At this point, the inspector said it was alleged the garda screamed and the accused told her “I would say you are some screamer in bed”.

The accused sergeant has yet to decide on a plea in the case which was adjourned at Dublin District Court this morning.

The defendant, who is in his 40s, is accused of three counts of sexual assault on two lower ranking officers in March and June, 2010.

He cannot be named for legal reasons.

Judge Bridget Reilly adjourned the case for a month after accepting jurisdiction to deal with it at District Court level.

This means he will not face trial by judge and jury at a higher court on the charges.

The third summons against the sergeant related to “injured party number one”.

It was alleged that on June 4, 2010, the garda was sitting at a computer in the office and that the accused came up towards her, pressed his left hand against the side of her left breast and said “wake up there”.


Judge Reilly ordered the non-publication of the accused’s name. She adjourned the case to a date next month for disclosure of documents by the prosecution to the defence.

The defendant, wearing a dark suit, purple shirt and tie, did not address the court during the hearing.