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Gardai to talk to parents over critically ill twin boys

DETECTIVES are to consult doctors over how two three-month-old infant boys could have sustained serious head and chest injuries.

The move came as gardai are now hoping to speak to the young parents of the twins to clarify the precise circumstances of what happened.

Gardai will also speak to family and friends of the two young parents as part of their probe.

One infant is fighting for his life in a Dublin hospital while his brother remains in a stable condition in a Cork hospital.

Garda sources stressed that the nature of their investigation would only be determined once formal medical reports on the possible causes of the infants' injuries are received.


Those medical reports will then determine if a file is to be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The twin boys were separately taken to Cork University Hospital (CUH) on Sunday, January 9 where they were treated in the emergency department.

One twin was admitted at 4am and the other is understood to have been taken there shortly before lunchtime.

Both infants were assessed by CUH doctors but one twin was in such a serious condition he was immediately transferred for specialist paediatric care to Temple Street Hospital.

The boy was diagnosed with a series of serious bleeds on his brain.

Surgeons have attempted to deal with the haemorrhage and the little boy has been battling to recover for the past eight days. He is in a critical condition and remains on a ventilator.

The Herald understands that the next 48 to 72 hours will be critical for the infant.

The boy also had injuries to his torso and doctors are trying to confirm if he may have sustained broken ribs.

His brother is being treated for similar injuries.

However, his condition is not as serious and the boy remains under treatment in CUH for both head and torso injuries.

In accordance with existing protocols, gardai were immediately notified by healthcare staff.

A spokesperson for the Health Service Executive (HSE) indicated they would not be commenting on the matter. Detectives are now liaising with doctors over precisely how the two infants could have sustained such serious injuries.

One garda source stressed that the nature of their inquiry would only be determined once the medical reports on the specific injuries involved are received from paediatric and trauma specialists.

"The reports will be central to everything," he said.

The reports are being compiled by the physicians directly involved in treating the twins -- and by paediatric and emergency department specialists.


It is unclear last night whether the boys had been involved in any type of accident before January 9.

The parents of the twins are a 19-year old woman and a 20-year old man.

Both are resident in Cork county and are not understood to have any other children.

The father is from a very large extended family in the Cork area. The couple have been together for the past two years and had just celebrated their first Christmas with their new infant sons. Gardai continue to liaise with the twins' parents over the matter.