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Gardai to stop taking work calls on their own phones

GARDAI will refuse to answer work-related calls on their own mobile phones as part of protests over pay cuts.

Damien McCarthy of the Garda Representative Association (GRA) said officers around the country will stop using their own equipment for work purposes from March 22.

Laptops, GPS devices and cameras owned by individual gardai will also not be used in the course of their duties.

Mr McCarthy said gardai will inform their superintendents that, from March 22, they do not wish to be contacted on their "personal mobile phones while on duty or indeed off duty".

"We will not be making our personal equipment available to work," he added.

The GRA representative also said that gardai would insist on being notified by paper summons when they had to attend court proceedings they were involved in, as witnesses or sole prosecutors.

He was speaking as unions were today deciding whether or not to hold strikes across the public sector over pay cuts introduced in December.


The 24/7 Frontline Alliance, which includes gardai, nurses, and prison officers, has offered full support to any decision by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions' (ICTU) public services committee.

The alliance pledged its backing even though many of its member unions are not affiliated with the ICTU.

In addition, the members of the garda representative bodies are not legally permitted to strike.

Public sector unions were considering work stoppages by up to 300,000 workers at a meeting today.

They are demanding the Government enters talks to reverse the wage reduction.

So far, the campaign has involved work-to-rules, phone bans and the closure of public offices.

However, the unions were expected to decide to hold one-day strikes in the civil service as well as work stoppages in the health sector.

The Civil, Public and Services Union has already served notice of strike action for March 15.