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Gardai to quiz journalist in teenage girl probe

DETECTIVES are to interview girls at a Dublin GAA club over a journalist's sex texts to a teenage girl.

The well known writer is accused of being in a sexual relationship with the girl (16) at the club.

The texts were found by the journalist's daughter who is also a member of the club. She reported the matter to her mother who then contacted gardai.

Although the girl at the centre of scandal is now 16, the writer has known her since she was 14.


Female members of the club are to be interviewed as will the journalist himself, who is a well known figure within the GAA and other sports.

He is being investigated by detectives based at the Garda's Dublin Regional HQ at Harcourt Square for statutory rape.

Officers suspect he had unlawful carnal knowledge after it emerged there had been inappropriate contact between the two.

The 16-year-old girl has already been interviewed by specialist women officers about the complaint.

Detectives examined the male reporter's mobile phone where they found the explicit text messages between him and the teen.

His newspaper had no comment to make on the matter when contacted today.

Because of the nature of the allegation, the journalist cannot be named for legal reasons until the investigation has been completed.

The writer is currently under medical care.

His daughter first became aware of the matter when she put a new SIM into his old mobile.


The journalist had given the phone to the family member, who was collecting them to donate to a charity.

It's believed that when she uncovered the messages, she alerted her mum.

The phone was then handed to the local gardai.

They brought in the force’s specialist Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit at Harcourt Square.

These officers now plan to interview other young teens in the GAA club.

This is standard practice in such cases to discover if other children have been in contact with the alleged perpetrator.

It is understood that the journalist has taken time off pending the outcome.

In addition, it is alleged that the journalist tried to take his own life and is now receiving medical and psychiatric care.