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Gardai swoop on gangs' drugs swap in car park

GARDAI intercepted a €120,000 drugs transfer between Dublin and Cork gangs in a car park raid.

Officers from the Garda National Drugs Unit swooped on two cars as they moved herbal cannabis near Newlands Cross in Clondalkin.

The drugs were destined for the south and southwest of the country, it is believed, supplied by the Dublin gang to Cork- based criminals.

Detectives found about 10kg of cannabis herb in the cars.

A 32-year-old man was arrested at Newlands Cross along with a 38-year-old from Cork.

Both are being held in Clondalkin Garda Station under Section 2 of the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act and can be held without charge for up to seven days.

In a major follow-up operation, gardai then searched an apartment and van in Phibblestown House, Clonsilla.


It is understood that a total of 25kg of cannabis herb and 4kg of resin were uncovered.

The apartment is believed to have been used as a cocaine factory after the discovery of mixing agents and packaging paraphernalia inside the apartment. An industrial compressor was also found.

Gardai said the operation was "intelligence-led" and that the total street value of the drugs seized in the car park, van and apartment was €500,000.

In a separate investigation targeting South American drug cartels, gardai from the National Drug Unit found 4kg of high-purity cocaine in luggage in a Dublin north city hotel.

It had an estimated street value of at least €280,000, but because of the purity could be worth up to €1.12m.