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Gardaí shut down suspected shebeen


The shebeen

The shebeen

The shebeen

A suspected shebeen has been closed down by gardaí in the midlands after a search of a private premise close to the town of Kildare on Thursday night.

At around 8.30pm on New Year's Eve, gardaí carried out a search of what they suspected was an unlicensed premises selling alcohol.

They found 15 people socialising in a shed at the rear of a private dwelling and said that it "had all the trappings of a traditional pub."

Photographs released to the media yesterday showed the building had a pool table, a large-screen television, as well as a makeshift bar with a beer keg and a large urn for boiling water.

Gardaí took the details of everyone present at the scene and seized the intoxicating liquor along with bar equipment, including drink optics and spirit dispensers.

Investigations are ongoing and a full investigation file will be forwarded to the DPP seeking advice on how to proceed.