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Gardai seize €4k of cannabis after being called to burglary

Gardai are investigating a mysterious case in which they responded to an apparent aggravated burglary but ended up seizing €4,000 worth of cannabis herb.

No arrests have been made yet in relation to the unusual incident that happened in a house in the Cork Street area of Dublin's south inner city.

Gardai from Kevin Street had originally rushed to the property after receiving reports that two brothers had been the victims of a violent raid.

Officers were told that two men had burst into the house and attacked the brothers with a hatchet and a machete.

They were also told that a small van owned by one of the siblings had been taken in the alleged raid.

The brothers suffered "wound like" injuries in the attack and both needed treatment at St James' Hospital.

However, after being treated, one of them is understood to have made his way back to the house where he collected a bag.

Officers were still at the house when he arrived and tried to retrieve what he claimed was a bag of clothes.


It is understood this raised the suspicions of one garda who then searched the bag as the man was leaving the property and found €4,000 worth of cannabis.

The drugs were then seized and removed by officers who are still trying to establish who owns them.

Sources told the Herald that the investigation into the alleged aggravated burglary and drugs seizure last Thursday week is continuing.

"This was all very strange, to say the least," a source said.

"It's one of the most unusual cases we've come across in recent weeks.

"A lot of things don't add up here and it certainly requires more investigation."

The brothers, who are aged in their 20s, are understood to be renting the property where the incident occurred and neither was previously known to gardai.