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Gardai search park for clues to Daniel murder

GARDAI have carried out extensive searches in a park area of Blanchardstown in their investigation into the murder of teen Daniel McAnaspie.

Gardai with pitchforks and hedge trimmers combed the Tolka Valley Park area, near where Daniel was last seen alive. The murder weapon has never been recovered and sources believe that this may be the reason behind the search.

A teenage girl was arrested by gardai yesterday investigating the murder and held under Section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act but she was released overnight.

Four men arrested on Monday and questioned about the 17-year-old's death were released in the last 24 hours and files are to be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

"As part of our investigation into the murder of Daniel McAnaspie a search was carried out in the Tolka Valley Park area of Blanchardstown," a garda spokesperson told the Herald.

"Investigations into the death are ongoing and this search is forming part of that."

Daniel was last seen alive at Whitestown Avenue, Blanchardstown at around 3.30am on February 26 and gardai think he was stabbed to death by two assailants shortly after that.

A large-scale search ensued but gardai failed to find the missing teen until they made the grim discovery of his body 13 days ago.



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