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Gardai rule out abduction in gun murder

Detectives investigating the gangland murder of Michael 'Mad Mickey' Devoy visited the north Dublin home of a female relative to determine if he had been abducted from there.

They also carried out inquiries in Drumcondra, but are now satisfied the 42-year-old criminal was lured to his death.


We revealed yesterday that officers investigating the murder found a handgun in a ditch close to where Devoy's body was found in Tallaght.

The Ballymun thug had been shot several times.

Last night a source said inquiries by Tallaght gardai in Drumcondra had failed to yield any major results.

"A number of units travelled out there, but gardai are now confident he was not abducted from that woman's house," the source said.

Gardai are on red alert as they believe associates of Devoy will try to avenge his death.

The chief suspect in the murder is a 40-year-old former IRA man from Dundalk, who officers believe was paid €20,000 to carry out the hit. He is also thought to have placed a pipebomb under Devoy's car less than a fortnight ago.

The suspected assassin is said to be an extremely violent criminal who was recently before the courts over a serious assault.

He has convictions for public order offences and drink-driving and is said to be even more dangerous with alcohol in him.


Gardai believe Devoy was shot dead for the botched hit on heroin trafficker Greg Lynch in November in which three innocent women were wounded by the gunman.

Devoy was strongly linked to a number of gangland criminals based in Ballymun and Finglas and was involved in a number of bitter feuds.