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Gardai release man quizzed over mum and child murders

GARDAI investigating the double murder of Jolanta Lubiene and her daughter Enrika (8) released a 40-year-old man from custody late last night.

The Lithuanian man – who is not suspected of murder – was detained on suspicion of withholding information.

He was detained at Killarney Garda Station for more than 40 hours before being released without charge.

The man was arrested at 3.30am on Sunday at his home in Killorglin under the Offences against the State Act and could have been held for 72 hours.


Sources close to the investigation say that the man did not assist the prime suspect in fleeing the country.

It is understood that gardai have identified a suspect, but he fled the country some 48 hours after killing the mother and daughter in their home in Killorglin, Co Kerry.

However sources say that there are also "other persons of interest" in the case.

The remains of Jolanta Lubiene (27) and her daughter Enrika have not yet been released.

Their bodies were discovered at their rented house at Langford Downs, Killorglin, on June 16 after worried family and friends alerted gardai.

The young mother had been stabbed about 20 times and was found near the back door of the kitchen.

Her daughter was stabbed in the neck; her body was discovered on the landing.

No motive has been established for the killing, although gardai are looking at the possibility that it was motivated by sexual jealousy.

Ms Lubiene, a chef, was known to have been active on a number of dating websites and also had plans to be reunited with her husband, Marius Lubys, in Lithuania this summer.

Mr Lubys (29) insisted the couple had not parted and were separated only because of work.

He left the home he shared with his family at Langford Downs last December to work on a farm in Sweden.

He told the Herald their plan was for both of them to work in Sweden for a while and eventually return to their homeland and bring up their daughter there.

Yesterday, Mr Lubys said he had no further comment to make.

He is still waiting for the remains of his wife and daughter to be released so they can be repatriated to Lithuania for burial.

Yesterday, the house where the murders happened a week last Saturday afternoon no longer had the crime scene tape or a garda presence.

The downstairs windows had been blacked out with black plastic bags and the upstairs curtains were closed tight.