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Gardai quiz owner of Irish passport used in spy ring

AN IRISHMAN whose passport details were used by an alleged Russian spy in the US has been interviewed by gardai.

Eunan Gerard Doherty, of Carndonagh in Co Donegal, has revealed he travelled to Moscow on holiday a number of years ago. In order to obtain a holiday visa to go, Mr Doherty had to send his passport to the Russian embassy in Dublin.

He told newspapers he has yet to be told if his passport -- or a copy of it -- was used by Richard Murphy, one of the suspected agents arrested in the US, without his knowledge.

Mr Murphy and his wife were arrested in New Jersey last week. Both have been accused of spying on behalf of Russian intelligence. A glamorous co-accused, Anna Chapman, above, was today reported to have ingratiated herself with a number of senior members of the British establishment including a member of the House of Lords and a prominent lawyer.

Meanwhile, Mr Doherty has declined to comment on the revelations his passport was used, saying he has a lot of questions that need to be answered. He travelled to Russia in 2005.

Mr Murphy is alleged to have collected an Irish passport in Mr Doherty's name in Rome earlier this year and then used it to travel to Russia.

The document was described in court as an old "transit passport".

The revelations that an Irish passport was used in the alleged conspiracy came after Israeli agents used Irish passports to enter Dubai and carry out an assassination.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is seeking more information on the allegations.