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Gardai pull out all the stops for children of Chernobyl

GARDAI made dreams come true for some Chernobyl children by treating them to a tour of their Phoenix Park HQ last week.

Officers welcomed the children and allowed them to sit on their patrol motorbikes before taking them on a tour of the HQ.

The 70 children, who come from desperately poor backgrounds in Belarus, were brought over by the Chernobyl Children's Trust, and the garda tour left them beaming with smiles.

One of the organisers, Fiona Milligan, said: "They put on a great display for them. They had their horses out and gave them a tour of the buildings. And the boys were on the motorbikes so they were delighted."

"The excitement was fantastic, especially with the garda dogs and their horses. Some didn't want to leave and they were hanging out of the guards by the end."

The children are visiting Ireland for one month, in the hope they'll benefit from the change.


"The garda tour was very well organised and the gardai seemed to enjoy it as well. We're so grateful to them," said Fiona.

Chernobyl Children's Trust gives a holiday to different children from Chernobyl every year and aims to pick out the worst-off children who would benefit the most from an Irish trip.

"A lot of their parents are alcoholics. It's all as a result of the Chernobyl disaster -- the children are extremely poor and live in shacks," said Fiona.

The group was also taken to Dublin Zoo and Clara Lara Funpark in Wicklow.