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Gardai probing link to Monkey Gang in shooting of teenager


The scene of Saturday’s attack

The scene of Saturday’s attack

The scene of Saturday’s attack

Gardai are investigating if a member of the so-called Monkey Gang was involved in setting up an 18-year-old criminal who was lucky to escape with his life on Saturday night when he became the victim of the capital's latest gangland shooting.

The Coolock teenager remained in hospital last night after he was shot twice in the stomach as he sat in a car on Fairlawn Road in Finglas shortly after 10pm on Saturday.

No arrests have been made so far in the case and sources say the teenager, who has multiple gangland enemies, is refusing to co-operate with gardai.


Among the teenager's rivals is a notorious Coolock criminal believed to be linked to the murder of Keane Mulready-Woods.

The shot teenager was allegedly involved in a confrontation on a city street last December with this Coolock criminal, who is in his 30s, which was recorded on a mobile phone and distributed on social media.


A monkey seized in a gang raid

A monkey seized in a gang raid

A monkey seized in a gang raid

While the involvement of the Coolock criminal cannot be ruled out in relation to Saturday's attack, gardai are also probing if it was carried out by a Finglas-based crime gang.

"The belief is that if it was in fact the Coolock criminal who targeted the teenager at the weekend, the young lad would be dead because that individual is absolutely lethal with a gun," a source told the Herald.

"One line being looked at is whether the teenager was lured by a member of the so-called Monkey Gang on behalf of other Finglas criminals.

"It is understood that an associate of the shot teenager had been trying to obtain some cocaine and this may have been the reason why they ended up in the Finglas area late on Saturday night - to buy some drugs."

The so-called Finglas Monkey Gang are a crew of Traveller criminals who have been subjected to a number of garda raids this year, one of which last April led to the seizure of a monkey in a cage.

The gang are suspected of having been involved in numerous violent incidents including the botched hit on criminal Noel Boylan.

Boylan was lucky to escape with his life after he was shot outside a Lidl supermarket shortly after 5pm last June 1.

Yesterday the Herald revealed that the teenager, whose recent activities have been described as "out of control" by sources, is involved in various feuds with gangs and individuals, and is believed to be at war with a dangerous hitman he blames for killing David 'Fred' Lynch in a gun attack in Darndale in 2009.

This is the same Coolock criminal he allegedly had a street confrontation with in December.


The production of this video has been linked to the killing and dismembering of Drogheda teen Keane Mulready-Woods in January.

In it, the Coolock criminal was taunted and had his gym bag stolen.

Later he was mocked on social media about flip-flops that were in the bag. This infuriated the Coolock criminal's associates, who then sought revenge.

After Mulready-Woods (17) was reported missing, gardai received intelligence he had been murdered

Then a sports bag containing his limbs, and a pair of flip-flops, were discovered on a street in Coolock.

They had been thrown there from a car, possibly after the gang inside were spooked by a garda patrol.

Gardai believe the limbs were about to be delivered to the house of the teenager shot on Saturday as a sick message by his older Coolock rivals.