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Gardai probe if fatal stabbing was an act of self-defence

GARDAI are not yet in a position to charge the 20-year-old man who was arrested in relation to the death of the young man who was stabbed yesterday morning in Blanchardstown.

Investigations are trying to determine whether the suspect acted in self defence when he stabbed Colm Lyons (20) a number of times outside a house in Fortlawn Avenue.

It is understood that Mr Lyons, also known as Colm Hughes, had threatened the suspect's girlfriend with a machete and a knife before he was stabbed several times.

The suspect is originally from the Mulhuddart area and was previously unknown to gardai.


"He is actually a decent enough young fella -- most likely he could be facing a charge of manslaughter down the line," said a source.

There are also fears that the suspect may be targeted by criminal associates of Mr Lyons when he is released from garda custody.

"The victim was very well known to gardai and was associated with some sinister individuals who would be gunning for revenge.

"Some of these people are very violent individuals who have been linked to some very serious assaults in the area," the source pointed out.

The victim's father, Rory Lyons (44) is a well known drug dealer who was jailed for eight years in July 2007 after being caught with €500,000 worth of cocaine.