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Gardai probe cyclist's death

Gardai are investigating the death of a male cyclist (54) following an incident in Dalkey, Co Dublin, last month.

The man was found at about 8.45pm in a collapsed but conscious state on Barnhill Road, Dalkey, on September 28 and taken to St Vincent's Hospital, where he died last Monday.

Gardai at Dun Laoghaire are appealing for any witnesses who saw the man cycling on Barnhill Road on the night of September 28.

The victim is described as being 5ft 9in to 5ft 10in, of thin build with short brown hair going grey and clean shaven.

He was wearing grey bottoms, a dark woolly jumper, blue jacket and navy Converse runners.

Teen shoots his family dead

A Texas sheriff says "it's a big mystery" why a 17-year-old boy gunned down his mother and teenage sister in their home.

The boy, Jake Evans, now faces a capital murder charge.

During a call to the emergency services, Evans calmly said that shooting his mother and 15-year-old sister "just kind of happened".

He told the operator his mother and sister were rude -- and that he'd "been kind of planning on killing for a while now".

The double killing happened near Fort Worth.

Worm named

after sci-fi star

A worm from an ecosystem far, far away on the ocean floor has been named after the Star Wars character Yoda.

Yoda purpurata is one of three new species of acorn worms discovered 1.5 miles beneath the Atlantic.

Scientists coined the name after large lips on either side of the creature's head reminded them of the Jedi master's floppy ears.

Streep gives theatre $1m

Meryl Streep has donated $1m (¤750,000) to The Public Theatre in honour of both its late founder, Joseph Papp, and her friend, author Nora Ephron.

The announcement was timed for the unveiling of the $40m renovation to its headquarters in New York.

Streep has performed for the theatre for decades, starting in 1975 and including Henry V in 1976.