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Gardai probe bridge crash

GARDAI have launched an investigation into a serious collision between a car and a fire engine in Dublin.

The incident occurred on Ranelagh Bridge, next to the Barge Pub, at approximately 6.30pm yesterday.

Four units of Dublin Fire Brigade as well as two ambulances attended the scene.

Following the crash, the driver was removed from the car by emergency crews from the fire service and the road was closed.

The fire engine was badly damaged but it is hoped it can be put on the road again following repairs.

17 Peruvian gays murdered

A Peruvian gay rights group says at least 17 gays have been killed in the Andean nation since 2012 because of their sexual preference.

Gay rights activists say Peru’s judicial system is generally biased against non-heterosexuals.

Proposed legislation to permit same-sex civil unions and shared benefits for non-heterosexuals has been stymied in Peru’s Congress by lack of support.

Paul Simon case in court

Paul Simon and his wife, singer Edie Brickell, have appeared briefly in court for their disorderly conduct case following an argument on April 26.

The couple’s next hearing is June 17 in Norwalk Superior Court, Connecticut.